A city tour about the National Socialism in Munich

A visit that takes you to the historical places of Munich's Nazi past, the "capital of the movement" as Hitler himself 
called it then.

1923 Adolf Hitler tried in Munich for the first time to gain the political power. His military coup failed on 
the Odeon Square. 
Ten years later, he was elected in Berlin on January 30 1933, Chancellor of Germany. In Munich, 
the Nazi propaganda and Hitler's tourism are in full swing.

We follow in the trail of the dictator, from his first steps during speeches at the brewery 
"Zum Sternecker", passing by the house of photographer Hoffman where the first propaganda photos were taken. 
It will be the place where Hitler will meet the one who will become at the end his wife: Eva Brauen. We stop at the  
Bruckmann's villa, who supported the future dictator from the start. We go under the old city hall, 
where the "crystal night" started. A route that also takes us to the "Führerbau" - Hitler's office and to 
the site of the "Brown House" - the headquarter of the Nazi party - that the new documentation center, 
which had long been the subject of controversy, opened his doors.

You are particularly interested in the theme ?

We suggest you a themed day on the history of the rise of Nazism, the resistance in Munich and a visit to the Dachau concentration camp memorial site.

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Start flexible
Duration max. 2 hours

220,00€ /Group – 19% VAT included

Number of participants
 max. 25 persons


The "Führerbau": Hitler's office in Munich
The "Weisse Rose"- White Rose : the group of non violent Munich studen resistants
"Shirker's Alley" or Viscadigasse in Munich